Warrant of Fitness Wanaka Tyres and Auto

We offer thorough, professional and detailed Warrant of Fitness checks to prove your vehicle’s roadworthiness. We perform a series of visual examinations and tests to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and meets the requirements set by Land Transport New Zealand.

Acquiring a current Warrant of Fitness ensures:

 – Your vehicle was safe and roadworthy when inspected,
 – You will not get a costly traffic infringement ticket for driving a vehicle without an up-to-date WoF,
 – Your vehicle insurance is not invalidated,
 – It meets NZTA requirements.

If your vehicle fails any of the Warrant of Fitness requirements, it is necessary to repair or replace the offending part before you will be granted a warrant. In this case you have 28 days to rectify the vehicle; however, this means that your vehicle won’t have a current Warrant of Fitness until it has passed. If your WOF is soon to expire, phone us today to make a booking and our friendly, professional team will check it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What’s includes in WoF check?

During your Warrant of Fitness inspection we will look at the following:

  • Tyre condition,
  • Brakes,
  • Structural condition, like rust damage,
  • Lights,
  • Windows safety,
  • Washers and wipers,
  • Door safety,
  • Safety belts,
  • Airbags, if fitted,
  • Speedometer,
  • Steering and suspension,
  • Exhaust,
  • Fuel system.

After your vehicle passes its Warrant of Fitness check, it becomes your responsibility to keep it in the condition that it was in when it passed the inspection.

2014 Warrant of Fitness changes

Since 1 January 2014, all vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 2004 are now on annual WoF inspections for the lifetime of the vehicle.

From 1 July 2014:

  • After an initial inspection, new vehicles won’t require another WoF inspection until the third anniversary of their first registration
  • Vehicles less than three years old will be issued a WoF that expires on the third anniversary of their first registration or 12 months after their current WoF expiry – whichever is longest
  • Vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 2000 are inspected annually for the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Vehicles first registered before 1 January 2000 remain on six-monthly WoF inspections for the lifetime of the vehicle.