Warrant of Fitness Wanaka Tyres and Auto

We offer thorough, professional and detailed Warrant of Fitness checks to prove your vehicle’s roadworthiness. We perform a series of visual examinations and tests to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and meets the requirements set by Land Transport New Zealand.

Acquiring a current Warrant of Fitness ensures:

 – Your vehicle was safe and roadworthy when inspected,
 – You will not get a costly traffic infringement ticket for driving a vehicle without an up-to-date WoF,
 – Your vehicle insurance is not invalidated,
 – It meets NZTA requirements.

If your vehicle fails any of the Warrant of Fitness requirements, it is necessary to repair or replace the offending part before you will be granted a warrant. In this case you have 28 days to rectify the vehicle; however, this means that your vehicle won’t have a current Warrant of Fitness until it has passed. If your WOF is soon to expire, phone us today to make a booking and our friendly, professional team will check it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What’s includes in WoF check?

During your Warrant of Fitness inspection we will look at the following:

  • Tyre condition,
  • Brakes,
  • Structural condition, like rust damage,
  • Lights,
  • Windows safety,
  • Washers and wipers,
  • Door safety,
  • Safety belts,
  • Airbags, if fitted,
  • Speedometer,
  • Steering and suspension,
  • Exhaust,
  • Fuel system.

After your vehicle passes its Warrant of Fitness check, it becomes your responsibility to keep it in the condition that it was in when it passed the inspection.

2014 Warrant of Fitness changes

Since 1 January 2014, all vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 2004 are now on annual WoF inspections for the lifetime of the vehicle.

From 1 July 2014:

  • After an initial inspection, new vehicles won’t require another WoF inspection until the third anniversary of their first registration
  • Vehicles less than three years old will be issued a WoF that expires on the third anniversary of their first registration or 12 months after their current WoF expiry – whichever is longest
  • Vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 2000 are inspected annually for the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Vehicles first registered before 1 January 2000 remain on six-monthly WoF inspections for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Wanaka Tyres MTA AssuredAt Wanaka Auto Electrical & Mechanical we pride ourselves on our affordable, high quality mechanical services and auto repairs. We are MTA assured and only use the highest quality filters, parts and oil that meet vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

In the course of repairing or servicing your vehicle we use advanced automotive equipment and diagnostic technology, with experienced and fully qualified mechanics, to provide a number of comprehensive automotive service options to suit your budget and your vehicle’s needs.

Some of the mechanical services we offer include:

 – Brake and clutch repairs,
 – Services and oil change,
 – High pressure transmission and power steering flushes,
 – Exhaust specialist repairs and replacements,
 – Steering and suspension,
 – Full automotive electrical repairs.

Why is servicing your vehicle so important?

Whatever your vehicle’s age, make or model, there are things you can do to keep it running well and safely. It’s your responsibility to maintain your vehicle to ensure it’s in a roadworthy condition at all times. The Warrant of Fitness check is a minimum safety check and shouldn’t be confused with a vehicle maintenance (service) check. You don’t have to wait until your Warrant of Fitness is due. If in doubt, check it out!

In a nutshell, having your car regularly serviced will:

  • Help reduce engine wear,
  • Improve fuel economy,  
  • Prolong the life of your engine,
  • Highlight any outstanding safety issues or wear and tear on suspension, steering and braking systems.


Wheel Alignment

We can fine-tune your car

Wheel Alignment Wanaka Tyres and AutoIf you’re questioning your vehicle’s wheel alignment, bring it to your local Wanaka Auto Electrical & Mechanical for a check. Using the latest technology, our experienced technicians will check your wheel alignment, as well as the condition of your suspension components to make sure it’s all in order.

Our skilled knowledge of today’s vehicle steering and suspension setups you will be leaving here with straight steering and your tyres will last longer. We have some of the best wheel alignment equipment available on the market.

Having the correct wheel alignment is important when it comes to the safety and the lifespan of your tyres, even your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Wheel alignment can change by simply hitting a pothole, having faulty suspension or any number of other reasons.

The wrong wheel alignment can result in irregular wear on your tyres, low fuel efficiency and extra strain on the driver. To get the best life from your tyres you should have your alignment checked:

  • When fitting new tyres,
  • Every 12 months or 15,000 kilometres (whichever comes first),
  • After accident repairs or replacement of any steering or suspension parts.

Why correct wheel alignment is necessary?

When the wheels of the car are not aligned there is uneven pressure on the tyres and they tend to push against each other. When this happens the car faces uneven friction and much more resistance from the road surface. This means that your car has to work that much harder to move forward and more fuel is burned than normal. When you align the wheels properly the there is much less resistance from the road surface. This results in not only a smoother drive but sometimes noticeable savings on your gas receipts.


batterytownAt Wanaka Auto Electrical and Mechanical we pride ourselves on high quality auto electrical servicing and repairs. We are MTA assured and can source parts for all vehicle types.

In the course of repairing or servicing your vehicle we use advanced automotive equipment and diagnostic technology, with experienced and fully qualified auto electricians, to provide a number of comprehensive automotive service options to suit your budget and your vehicle’s needs.

Some of the auto electrical services we offer include:

  • Air conditioning repairs – including servicing
  • Repairs of starter motors and alternators
  • Free battery checks with superior range of batteries for all vehicles
  • Installation of stereos, radar detectors and hands free phone kits
  • Installation of lights including day running lights
  • Diagnosing engine management faults
  • Full automotive electrical repairs

We are part of the Battery Town group and can offer competitive prices on all batteries and have a large range in stock.