Winter-Safety-Wanaka-Tyres-and-AutoWinter safety

Get your car ready for winter with our seasonal services. Call in to Wanaka Auto Electrical & Mechanical for:

– Free battery checks,

– Vehicle servicing,

– Tyre checks and sales.

Winter safety tips for vehicles

Winterize your vehicle! Get a tune-up and be sure to check the battery levels in your vehicle. Consider buying snow chains for the tyres, as your travel dictates.

Other vehicle care tips include:

  • Check radiator coolant and sturdiness of hoses and belts,
  • Refer to the vehicle’s manual to see if a lighter grade oil is recommended for winter driving,
  • Change burned out headlights, tail lights and turn signals,
  • Check tyre tread and wear,
  • Make sure brakes are in proper working order,
  • Keep spare window washer fluid in the trunk and make sure the washer blades are in good working condition.

Winter-wise tips for drivers

  • Pay attention to weather reports on the radio. Allow time in your schedule for bad weather and/or traffic delays,
  • Become familiar with your vehicle’s winter weather operating characteristics. Front-wheel-drive vehicles generally handle better than rear-wheel vehicles on slippery roads because the weight of the engine is on the drive wheels, improving traction,
  • Keep your windows clear of snow and ice. Remember to clean head, tail and brake lights before journey,
  • Leave ample stopping time between you and the driver in front of you. Braking distance can be up to nine times greater on snowy, icy surfaces than on dry roads,
  • During winter travel, it is best to supply those at your destination with the following information: your cell phone number, departure time, travel route and anticipated arrival time,
  • Lock your vehicle, even in bad weather. If locks freeze, heat the key. Do not pour hot water on the locks – they will refreeze,
  • Drive with extreme caution on bridges and overpasses during freezing temperatures. Because bridge temperatures can be 5-6 degrees colder than roadways, they can become slick and icy before roads!